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3 Essential Pet Safety Tips Before Bringing Home A New Pet

Pet Safety Tips

We know how much our paw-some owners take pet safety very seriously. Whether you’re new to pets or have had them for ages, it’s always good to be reminded on the essentials. Here are a few reminders of basic pet care tips any pet parent can follow to make sure their furry (or not-so-furry) family members are always safe and healthy:

Pet-proof your home

You know the saying about curiosity and cats? Dogs can be quite curious too! Exploring new areas through sniffing, eating, licking, scratching or jumping are only some of the many ways they can familiarize themselves as they are discovering new places. It’s your responsibility to make sure all of the objects that are valuable or dangerous are out of their reach, such as cleaning materials, chemicals, shoes and so on. Don’t forget to secure your cabinets, clear your countertops and floors, and secure electrical cords and wires to walls or out of sight.

Teach young children proper pet safety

When introducing pets to a new home, it’s normal to expect some adjustment time on both your new pet’s end and yours. Relax and be patient; it’ll take some time for them to find their place in the family, but you’ll get there eventually. If you have young children in your home, make sure they understand how important it is to be gentle with their new cat or dog. Too much or unwanted attention may accidentally lead to a negative or unexpected response by the new pet. If this should happen, remember that it doesn’t mean your new pet is a bad egg; they’re likely just scared and reacted accordingly. Try to supervise the first few shared moments with your kids and then later reinforce the right behavior around your pets.

Gradually introduce them to your current pets

It can be tricky to pet-proof among other pets already in your home, so approach with more caution and patience. If it’s possible to do so, try and introduce the new pet to the ones you already have gradually. Maybe you can begin by letting pets smell an object that the new pet has slept with or played with. After a week, you can bring in the new pet to roam around while your other pets stay in a separate area for a few hours. Next, you can formally introduce them, making sure that they’re supervised at all times and that you give extra praise and love to your other pets, especially when they act friendly towards the new member of the family.


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