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3 Popular Pet Dental Health Methods

3 Popular Pet Dental Health Methods

Have you made New Years resolutions this year? Here’s another one to add to the list, but there’s no need to stress about it–this is an easy one! This resolution only takes a couple of minutes but it helps you and your pet (just in time for National Pet Dental Health Month!)

As a pet parent, you must have known of the importance of caring for your pet’s teeth before. There are numerous methods for making it completely hassle free, from enzymatic toothpastes and fresh breath drops to dental treats and toys. Here are some of the most popular options:

Enzymatic Toothpaste

This solution requires the use of a good toothbrush or finger brush, but a used soft bristle toothbrush will do as long as it’s disinfected and in good condition. Brush your pet’s teeth gently while concentrating on a few at a time. Make sure to praise your pet and keep a routine schedule!

Fresh Breath Drops

It doesn’t need to be said, but some dogs just wont cooperate when it’s time to brush their teeth, but don’t worry! Fresh breath drops are some of the easiest (and most convenient) ways to zest up your pet’s breath. While it may not be as effective at cleaning the teeth as actual brushing, it still helps. Fresh breath drops, depending on the brand you get and other factors, usually just require 2-3 drops daily.

Dental Treats and Toys

While dental treats and chews are not recommended as a full dental solution, they can be a great way to tackle plaque and bad breath all at once. Whether in between regular teeth brushing or as a reward for good behavior, your pet is sure to love you for it! You can also tackle plaque and tarter with special dog toys. Don’t hesitate to ask your vet for pet dental health recommendations; he or she will know what’s best for your pets.

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