Back-To-Pet-School: Which Dog Training Class Is Best?

Fall is finally here, but the kids aren’t the only ones who need to trek back to school. Training is also important for our canine companions! After all, a well-trained dog makes life so much easier for everyone (including themselves!)

There are training classes for every type of skill, from basic commands to remedial education. You can even take group classes at certain pet stores or get one-on-one training right at home. With all these choices, it can be difficult to choose the right class for your dog. Here are a few tips:

Puppy Preschool For Basic Commands

If you have a precious pup that’s younger than 6 months, group classes are your best choice. Trainers will guide you in teaching your puppy basic commands such as “stay”, “sit”, “come here” and more. This is a great way to learn obedience at a young age while having a productive outlet for their boundless energy. Pro tip: look for classes that limit the number of dogs to each trainer, and where they only use positive reinforcement.

One-On-One Training For Specific Skills

This class is perfect for dogs who have done well in obedience classes but have a few skills that need to be worked on. This is usually for pooches who have trouble with bad habits such as jumping on strangers or pulling on their pet parent’s leash. One-on-one training is ideal for this purpose because these classes are tailored to meet your dog’s unique needs.

Individual classes at home are also suited for dogs who need a little more prep before moving on to group classes. Dogs who are usually anxious or aggressive may not behave well in group classes so in-home training is a must.

Behaviorist Sessions For Specialized Issues

Dogs with issues such as aggression, separation anxiety or fear might need the help of a veterinary behaviorist, a board-certified vet who specializes in treating animal behavior. They are trained to diagnose whether the behavioral problems are caused by a lack of proper training or another underlying cause, such as past abuse from a previous owner. They will then provide solutions to correct the bad habits.


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