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Cat Emergencies You Should Watch Out For

While many cat emergencies seemingly occur all of a sudden and are very obvious to the naked eye, many more begin with vague and subtle symptoms. It is definitely true that spotting these emergencies early will greatly improve the chances of having a positive outcome. However, pet parents shouldn’t feel guilty if they are unable to spot these subtle signs and symptoms.

One tried and tested indicator of a cat’s health is the color of its gums. If they’re pink and moist, then everything is as it should be. Regularly check them so you can have a good sense of what they normally look like. If you think they are sick and you notice that their gums are either bright red, grey, blue or pale, then this is a distinct sign that your cat needs immediate medical attention. You should also be aware of the fact that your cat could still need a trip to the vet even if their gums still have the familiar pink shade.

Don’t forget that you’re always encouraged to call your local animal clinic or cat vet if you’re ever unsure. The experienced staff should be able to offer some needed advice.

Also, remember that if you’re ever in doubt, the safest option is to visit your vet and have them evaluate your cat. It never hurts to let your cat have a physical exam just to clear any doubts and make sure nothing is wrong. When we choose to do nothing about critical situations, this can then lead to a deadly outcome.

Tale a look at some of the most common and concerning cat emergencies below:

  • Unusually heavy breathing or difficulty breathing
  • Obvious signs of distress or severe pain
  • Abnormal urination especially in male cats
  • Protracted diarrhea and/or vomiting
  • Sudden stopping of drinking and/or eating
  • Paralysis of the hind end
  • Seizures
  • Ingestion of known toxins
  • Collapse
  • Unusual lethargy
  • Fights with other cats
  • Major trauma

Remember that while most emergencies are overt and easily noticed, sometimes the subtle signs are the ones we should be concerned with. A trip to the vet will save you and your favorite feline a lot of stress and worry!

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