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Kitty Playtime
When you need to work late or go on a weekend getaway, entrusting your cats to a professional Peep should be your first choice. Your Peeps will make sure your cats are cared for and given the attention they deserve. We guarantee they'll be 'feline' fine under our care!
In-Home Boarding
Making plans for an extended trip? Don't forget to consider in-home boarding for your cats! You'll want someone reliable and experienced to care for your purr-fect pals, so remember: your pets got Peeps! We offer all kinds of cat-sitting options, including drop-in sits and overnight sits.
At Pet Peeps, we understand and appreciate your urban DC lifestyle – you may travel frequently or manage a busy schedule. Our online scheduling tool offers a quick and easy way for you to book a Pet Peeps service at your convenience. Schedule your next dog walk, pet sit, and more!
Dog Services
When it comes to our canine companions, home is always where the heart is. Leaving them alone for an extended period is never a good idea -- and they'll have a 'ruff' time! Our Peeps are more than happy to care for your dogs just as you would.
We’ve got love left over for the fish, bunnies, gerbils and snakes of the world, too. We believe that even the most exotic pet deserves love and awesome care. So if we can’t do it, we’ll help you find someone who can. Your pet always comes first!


We’re happy to offer our comprehensive pet care services at paw-some rates! Find detailed rates and packages for our general cat sitting services, as well as our in-home boarding services in their respective pages. Does your pet have special medical needs or an appointment you won’t be able to keep? We’ve got you covered here. Don’t hesitate to call or email us for a personal consultation or quote!

Other Fees Rates
New Account Initialization $25
Sitter/Walker Introduction (if required) $15
Pre-Boarding Home Visit (if required) $15
Account Re-Initialization (after inactive) $10
Account Re-Initialization (house visit) $20
Holidays & Cancellation Fees Rates
Holiday Requests $20
Last Minute Requests $5
Cancellations (within 48 hours) 100%

Administrative Fees Rates
Key Return (Mail or Client Pick Up) FREE
In Person Key Return $10
Key Duplication $10 (+ cost of keys)
Key Lockout $10
After Hours Key Lockout* $25
Returned Check Fee $50
Rejected Card Fee $15

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Pets are our passion. Whether you are going out of town or working late, you can count on Pet Peeps to care for your pets!
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