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Finding someone you can count on to care for your pets used to be challenging — but now, your pets got Peeps! Whether you need to be at work for an extended period of time, have to finish several errands or chores, or need to go out of town for a while, your pets are in good hands with us.

We offer drop-in sits as well as overnight visits, depending on your requirements. A standard Pet Sit visit includes feeding, freshening of water, treating (when appropriate), administration of simple medications and doting on your furry feline friends, of course! We can also offer wrap-around and convenience services. We will include these other small home and/or pet related services at no extra charge or for a small fee, as negotiated.

Service* Rate
Express Sit – Cats Only
(15 Minutes)
Premium Sit
(30 minutes)
Overnight Cat Sit
(10 hours)
Overnight Dog Sit
(10 hours)
Nanny Care
Customized Pricing

*Extra Same Type Pet Fee: +$4/each

Add-Ons Rate
Additional Pet of Different Type $15
Simple Oral Meds $2
Complex Oral Meds and/or Shots $5

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Pets are our passion. Whether you are going out of town or working late, you can count on Pet Peeps to care for your pets!
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