Pet Sitting Services

Whether you are going out of town or working late, you can count on Pet Peeps to care for your pets. We offer drop-in visits and overnight visits, depending on your needs. A standard Pet Sit visit includes feeding, freshening of water, treating (when appropriate), administration of simple medications and doting on the pet(s) of course. We can also offer wrap-around and convenience services. We will include these other small home and/or pet related services at no extra charge or for a small fee, as negotiated.

Premium Visit (1/2 Hour) $20
Each Additional 1/4 Hour $6
Overnight Visit $60
Pet Nanny (bundled visits/live-in) $100
Each Additional Pet (same type) Varies
Each Additional Pet (different type) Varies
Feeding $1
Express Visit (1/4 Hour) $15

Special Monthly Dog Care Packages

Our most popular regular services: Regular Weekday Mid-Day Dog Walks

Monthly Premium Package (1 visit) $345*
Monthly 2x Express Package (2 visits) $545*
Monthly 2x Premium Package (2 visits) $645*
Rates Based on 1 Dog Additional $50/month/dog)
Other Tailored Package Rates Available Upon Request
Monthly Express Package (1 visit) $285*

Bed & Biscuit Services (Private In-Home Boarding)

We care for your dog when you can’t be there! We also are happy to help you train your pup. We’ll reinforce your training, too, so your dog won’t unlearn anything with us. We offer all kinds of dog-sitting options, including drop-in sits, overnight sits, and mid-day potty training breaks. Don’t leave your pet outside all day when you can count on us to let him out to do his business! We’ll even get the waste out of your yard!

So what does a standard dog sitting visit include?

First, we’ll feed your dog–his favorite part of the day! Then we’ll freshen up his water. While he’s eating, we’ll move on to waste disposal, and after dinner is done, we’ll administer any simple medications you may need him to take. When that’s done it’s time for your dog’s second favorite part of the day — his walk! We’ll make sure he gets all of his exercise before finally bringing him home to dote on him. Thus, you’ll return home to a happy, relaxed pet instead of a stressed out, attention starved one. And hey, we also offer wrap-around and convenience services, which are small home and/or pet related services either at no extra charge, or for a small fee. It’s negotiable!

Private In-Home Boarding (Dog)* $75
Private In-Home Boarding (Cat)* $40
Private In-Home Boarding (Caged Exotic) $25
Bed & Biscuit Services (Private In-Home Boarding)

Custom and Special Medical Needs

Our staff can assist with administering medications to your pet. We can also arrange in-home nail trimming for your cats and dogs. In case of emergency, we can transport your animal to your regular vet, or if they are not available, to the nearest Veterinary Emergency Clinic. We are happy to offer customized services, so if you have specific needs not listed, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Does your pet have an appointment that you just can’t keep? Pet Peeps can provide transportation for your pets, too. When they need to go to the groomer, the vet, or anywhere else…no problem! our pets got peeps!
Call or email today for a personal consultation or ask about a quote.

Injected Meds $5
Sub Q Fluids* $15
Waste Maintenance Varies
Oral Meds $2

ALL the Pets got Peeps!

We’ve got love left over for the fish, bunnies, gerbils and snakes of the world, too. We believe that even the most exotic pet deserves love and awesome care. So if we can’t do it, we’ll help you find someone who can. Your pet comes first!Additional Fees May Apply!

Administrative Fees

Sitter/Walker Introduction (if required) $15
Pre-Boarding Home Visit (if required) $15
Account Re-Initialization (after inactive) $10
Account Re-Initialization (house visit) $20
Holidays & Cancellation Fees
Holiday Requests $20
Last Minute Requests $5
Cancellations(within 48 hours) 100%
Administrative Fees
Key Return (Mail or Client Pick Up) FREE
In Person Key Return $10
Key Duplication $10 (+cost of keys)
Key Lockout $10
After Hours Key Lockout* $25
Returned Check Fee $50
Rejected Card Fee $15
New Account Initialization $25

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