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How Do You Show Your Dogs You Love Them?

How Do You Show Your Dogs You Love Them?

Dogs are very perceptive animals, making it easy for them to interpret your behavior and intentions. These fur babies are also very warm, loving and loyal, almost always wanting to make their owners happy.

The best dog and pet parent relationships don’t happen overnight. These strong connections take a lot of hard work, and significant effort is needed to create that kind of rapport. Here are the tried and tested ways you can show your dog you love him:

1. Touch!

The most effective way to show your dog you love them is to hold them and make contact with them as often as possible. Touching them makes them feel warm and loved. Try to do more than a simple pat on the head, and treat them as you would your own human family member. When you are relaxing at home, allow them to sit on your lap or scratch their head when they lie down beside you.

2. Daily exercise

The majority of puppies and dogs love to play, run and just let out their boundless energy. When you make time for your dog to run around and exercise daily, they will love you so much more. It is a win- win situation for you because you will have a happy dog who will be well-behaved and you will have more time to bond. If work or other responsibilities make it challenging to carve out time to go to the park or take regular walks with your dog, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a dog walk with an awesome Peep in DC!


3. Proper socialization

While it is objectively safer to keep your dog indoors most of the time, a big disadvantage is that they might lack for socialization. This may lead to attitude issues later on, so it’s important to allow your dog to meet other dogs and make friends. A good way to do this is to visit dog parks and have picnics where other dog owners are. Keep in mind that if your dog is not properly trained, you should keep him on a leash for his own safety and that of the surrounding dogs and owners.

4. Regular vet check ups

Your dog needs to have annual vet visits no matter what health condition he’s in. Yes, even if he doesn’t get sick a lot! This can help prevent common diseases and unpleasant experiences. Visiting your vet also means you can learn more ways to raise your happy and healthy canine companion!

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