Pet Love

Hear what clients are saying about Pet Peeps:

“My husband and I had two great golden retrievers for almost 12 years. From the time they were puppies, through middle age. and all through their declining years, the dedicated staff at Pet-Peeps took care of our dogs. Whether it was workday walks, weekend overnights, giving meds, or other special situations, they were there for our pets. The thing I appreciate most about Gus and his dedicated team is their reliability and their true caring for our dogs. The dog walkers always showed up during the time “window” that they promised, and they often left notes at home or texted me with updates about the days’s walk or how well the dogs ate/or didn’t. On days I worked from home, I could see how excited our dogs always were to see Tami or Dan or Rachelle. They couldn’t wait to go outside with them. It’s a real pleasure to give my business to a company so focused on consistent customer service—both their people customers and their dog customers! I’m confident that with Gus at the helm, you will be as pleased as I have been with the service you receive from Pet Peeps, and the price is very reasonable.” – Charlotte

Gus and his team are awesome! I used their services continually for about a year and usually it was for 5+ days. […] I even passed along his services to a friend with two cats that travels fairly often on business, and every time she returned she couldn’t have been happier with how her “boys” were treated. – Lauren D.

One thing I really like is that Gus made an in-person visit to my house the very first time I booked Pet Peeps. That immediately made me feel comfortable and really gave a face to the business. Also, they don’t mind when you call for updates (I don’t call often, but I do call) and the pet sitter always leaves me a note letting me know how things went. – Oded C.

They think of everything, and our pet is as well cared for as if we were here. And I love the texts to let me know they were here and that he’s healthy (and more importantly, hasn’t gotten into anything he shouldn’t be in). – Gina F.

Overall, we were more than happy with Pet Peeps and Gus’ team, and the earnest recommendations of the front desk staff at our building, who knew him on a first-name basis because of his popularity among the building’s many pet owners, all but spoke for itself.  We will gladly call him again! – Benjamin H.

I’ve been super pleased with your service so far…you’ve never let me down. My regular dog walker Carel, has not missed one day in the 11 months I’ve been living in DC! Michael has sat for my dog overnight several times–unlike when I have left her with sitters or left her at kennels in the past, she was totally relaxed when I came home. Thanks!

Gus and his team are responsive and reliable. I trust them with my Charlie any time, and can be 100% confident that he’s in good hands! – Scott

Pet Peeps enables me to work out of town, knowing PandaPuss is in loving hands. And they keep in touch! What more could a pet owner want? – Julia

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