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4 Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs

Are you ever tempted to slip your dog some table scraps? You’re probably not alone. A warm pair of begging brown eyes can be awfully hard to resist.

However, some foods are incredibly dangerous for dogs–and you can’t count on a dog’s instincts to keep him safe. Many dogs will eat anything…whether it’s good for them or not!

Therefore, it’s up to pet parents to know which foods threaten their dog’s health.

1. Sugar Free Foods

Many “sugar free” foods contain xylitol. While xylitol is harmless to humans, it can cause low blood sugar, seizures, and liver failure in dogs. Sometimes, the symptoms take up to 12 hours to manifest–and they can be fatal.

2. Grapes or Raisins

There are plenty of anecdotes about dogs scarfing up grapes without a care. But pet parents still need to be cautious and keep those grapes out of raeach. The fruit has been known to cause kidney failure.

3. Chocolate–Especially Dark Chocolate

Research may have shown us that dark chocolate can be good for humans, but it’s still disasterous for dogs. Chocolate can cause fatal heart and kidney problems.

4. Onions

The effects of onions are a little more subtle than the effects of other toxins. The anemia caused by onion ingestion could take years to cause a serious physical problem. Even if you never see it, you still don’t want to put your pet’s health at risk.

What about other foods?

Sometimes the dangers posed by human foods are not toxins at all. Foods like avacados and large-seeded fruits may not be poisonous, but the seeds can still cause dangerous obstructions in a dog’s throat. Meat boans can splinter and tear up a dog’s digestive tract, even though there’s nothing more iconic than a “dog and his bone.”

Your best bet? Stick to dog food. Dog food was designed to promote your dog’s health through proper canine nutrition. Next time you see those warm, brown, begging eyes? Just reach for the dog treats, instead.

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