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5 Great Dog Breeds For City Living

Who says you can’t have a dog when you live in the city? While you should definitely consider the unique circumstances that come with living in an urban environment, that doesn’t mean you should cross out the idea of having a furry friend altogether!

Here are 5 paw-esome dog breeds that are perfect for life in DC or any other city in the world:

  • English Bulldog

One of the most popular choices for apartment dwellers is the adorable and loyal English Bulldog. This is one time where being lazy pays off! This breed of dog is more of a couch potato than a ball of pure energy, so you should expect some lovable loafing around on your sofa. Families love English Bulldogs as well because of how patient they are and how they get along well with children of all ages. Grooming? Exercise? These dogs are perfect for pet parents who prefer low-maintenance (and quiet) pups.

  • Boston Terrier

Easy-going and intelligent, the Boston Terrier makes for a versatile pet that can adapt to many environments. They are extremely loyal and thanks to their strong yet compact build, they’ll feel right at home in your apartment. Like the English Bulldog, they aren’t too fussy when it comes to needed grooming and they don’t require a high level of exercise. It’s very easy to fall in love with the American Gentleman!

  • Chihuahua

While Chihuaua’s were often a staple in celebrity purses, that doesn’t mean these pups are high-maintenance just like their owners. Due to their small size, they’ll have no trouble living in not-so-roomy rooms or apartments. When it comes to grooming, only a moderate amount is required, even for Chihuahuas with longer hair. This is a breed that should be avoided if your space has thinner walls however, since they can be a bit yappy-happy!

  • Greyhound

Surprised to see the Greyhound on this list? Many pet parents might be unaware that while the Greyhound is known as a racing dog, they’re much more laidback and relaxed than people may think. Expect a lot of lounging about, cuddling, and going for the occasional walk or two. The lack of long hair means you don’t need to worry about grooming too much and your apartment is bound to be free from unnecessary shedding.

  • Yorkshire Terrier

Tiny and truly lovable, the Yorkshire Terrier is on top of many potential pet parent’s list. This toy breed is a great roommate since they’re small enough for even the tiniest of apartments. Yorkshire Terriers or ‘Yorkies’ are very friendly dogs that are sure to charm you and your neighbors. While they can be a bit noisy like Chihuahuas, they’re easily trained so you won’t need to worry about their barking too much.

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