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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Senior Dog

If you’re planning to add a canine companion to your home, it’s the perfect time to consider adopting a senior dog! Since November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, your Peeps wanted to share the paw-some benefits of having an older dog join the family. While we 100% believe that all pups are adorable, they might not be a good fit for those who can’t match their energy or commit to the time needed to make sure they’re well cared for. This is where senior dogs come up as a great fit for their lifestyle.

The sad truth is that senior dogs don’t often find their forever home and are usually the last to be adopted at pet shelters. However, here are some reasons why you should go on over and welcome a senior dog to your home:

  1. With senior dogs, what you see is definitely what you get. From the very first meeting with your new pet, you’ll know facts that often get disregarded when picking up a puppy, such as a dog’s size once fully grown, their grooming needs, and their temperament and personality.
  2. While this is more anecdotal, an overwhelming number of stories suggest that senior dogs are very expressive with their gratefulness at getting a new home and family. Many pet parents report that senior pets often show a unique appreciation from having been rescued by their owner.
  3. If one thing’s for sure, senior pets are much better at focusing on training and focus as they have significantly calmed down compared to when they were younger. Less exercise is needed to keep fit and happy (but don’t forget to stay active with them as well!)
  4. Fewer messes and less monitoring are often part and parcel of being an owner of a senior pet. Older dogs tend to settle in their new home much quicker and are more likely to be house-trained. If they’re not, it’s relatively easy to train them to do so!
  5. Grownup dogs are much more mellow and adjust to a new environment easier than puppies do, so they are able to get along with a lot of children. This is mostly because before they wound up in a shelter, they often were part of a previous family as well.


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