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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt An Older Pet

We get it: kittens and puppies are adorable! But there are so many great reasons why you should consider adopting an older pet. All too often, older pets are abandoned or left at a shelter when owners are over the novelty of a younger pet and feel like they’re not fun to play with anymore, or perhaps they require more work. Many times, these pets have been living with a family for many years and suddenly find themselves at a shelter and desperately in need of a home. Here are 5 advantages to adopting a senior pet:

  1. The “Destruction Phase” Is Over

If you’ve ever owned a puppy or kitten, you might be familiar with the sight of chewed table legs or destroyed curtains. Chances are, older cats and dogs have outgrown the search-and-destroy phase that young pets go through. Senior pets are almost always house trained and very well-mannered too!

  1. What You See Is What You Get

When adopting a senior pet, you already know how big they’ll be and how healthy they generally are. It’s easier to predict the future of an older cat or dog and you won’t need to wonder how big they’ll get in a few years.

  1. You Can Definitely Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Adult dogs are often more attentive than puppies and may strive to please their owners much more than puppies do. If there are some commands that your older dog needs to learn, it’ll likely be easier to get them to focus and learn.

  1. Older Pets Are Great Companions For Senior Citizens

The comfort that older pets bring can be unparalleled. Elderly owners won’t have to worry about high-maintenance pets and instead can focus on having a companion that loves to listen to their stories and enjoys a slower pace.

  1. You’re Saving A Life

There’s a reason why older dogs and cats are called “hard-to-place” or “hard-to-adopt” pets. Because many shelters are at or close to capacity, and those that euthanize often turn to older pets first. When owners do open their heart and home to a senior pet, there’s a unique kind of pride that comes over them. Not only are you gaining a family member and a friend, you’re also a hero to deserving cat or dog.

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