Take Your Dog To Work Day may be over for the year, but it’s always a great day to consider having dogs at work on a regular basis. Catching a glimpse of a furry friend isn’t just a quick way to cheer you up on a stressful workday. Canine colleagues can improve staff wellbeing and productivity! It is a huge employee mood booster to have pets roam around the workplace. It generally improves morale and reduces employee absenteeism and stress-related ailments.

Here are some reasons why having a four-legged friend in the office could be the best decision you and your company can make:

They keep you active

A dog can be a constant reminder that you have to get up and take a quick break. Sitting too long while fixated on your computer screen is bad for your health. Having a dog around gives you a reason to stand up and walk or feed the dog. This is a great chance to stretch your legs and rest your eyes from the glare of the computer screen.

Team building 

Dogs can bring people in and act as a bridge to interaction. In most workplaces, people are too busy to connect with their colleagues, but a pet will become a shared interest that will get people talking and spending time with each other.

Reduces stress

Stress leads to a whole lot of problems — physical, mental and emotional ones. Taking a break is a great way to cut back on stress and playing with or petting a dog is a quick and effective fix! According to many studies, dogs are found to have a calming influence on the people around him or her, regardless of whether the dog was theirs or not.

Your dog will never be alone!

You’re not the only one who will benefit from a furry friend at the office — your dog will be grateful too! It’s a win-win situation — employees are happy and the dog is even happier! Dogs don’t like to be left alone for a long time. By bringing them to work, owners won’t even need to worry about leaving their pet at home all day long. 

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