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American Red Cross Develops an App to Help Pets During Emergencies

It’s not always easy to navigate an emergency when you’ve got pets in tow. Finding pet friendly hotels and shelter, for example, can represent a huge challenge.

But the American Red Cross has recently stepped up to solve the problem. WISTV in South Carolina recently covered this story.

“It’s got travel tips, winter tips,” said Stephan Hudson with the American Red Cross. “It’s a very robust app.”

Hudson said the Red Cross developed the app after learning pet owners often refused to evacuate disaster areas because they didn’t want to leave their pets.

The app also has first aid advice in case pets are injured during an emergency and veterinary care is not immediately available. You can also upload your pet’s photos, identification information, and microchip information in case your pet gets lost, increasing the chances that you and your beloved furry family member will be reunited.

The app is available for just $0.99, and it’s money well spent. There’s a version for iPhone users and Android users alike.

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