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Beware of Autumn Safety Hazards for Your Pet

We may be breathing a sigh of relief as the promise of autumn brings cooler weather and fun holidays, but the very things we love about autumn can pose significant threats to your pets.

  • Halloween candy is a treat, but chocolate is a killer for dogs and cats. Because it’s highly poisonous to them, chocolate should be kept completely out of their reach, even when wrapped.
  • Antifreeze works wonders in your car as cold weather comes, but it’s a very dangerous poison for animals. If it’s left exposed or spills in puddles, they will be tempted to drink it and once they do, they won’t want to stop.
  • When it’s cold, pests like mice and rats move indoors for warmth. You may be tempted to put down poison, but consider your pets. Not only could they eat the poison, but if they eat a poisoned rodent, it could make them very sick.
  • On Thanksgiving, it seems natural to show thanks for your pet by giving them table scraps from the holiday feast. However, turkey bones are not appropriate for cats and dogs. The bones can splinter or break and choke them.
  • If you move your plants indoors for winter, be aware there are many plants that are poisonous to pets. Just a few include amaryllis, aloe, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, daffodils, daisies, philodendron, some palms and grasses, poinsettias, holly and common herbs that could be hazardous to your cats and dogs. If in doubt, ask your vet.
  • When you decorate for the holidays, keep your pets in mind. Strands of lights left within reach may be tempting chew toys. Glass ornaments can break and splinter paws.
  • If it ices or snows, be careful how you deice your sidewalk and driveway. There are types of deicers that can injure your pets paws or cause harm of they lick them off their paws. Try a pet safe deicer like Safe Paws Ice Melter.
  • Free-standing heaters like ceramic space heaters can be tipped over by rambunctious pets and pose a fire hazard. Always research the safest heating options for you and your pet. And beware the drying effect of heating. It can leave your dog’s skin itchy and dry, which can be countered with oatmeal baths and omega fatty acids supplements. Also be aware that HVAC systems operate on electricity. If the power goes out your home may get too cold for your pets. Consider a back-up heating plan or a pet-friendly place you can go that remains heated in power outages.

If autumn has you back to school or work, or you’ll be traveling for the holidays, be sure to book us to care for your pets for the day or for your trip. We can walk, play with and feed your pets, and most importantly, the watchful eyes of expert Pet Peeps sitters will keep your pets safe from autumn dangers! You can use our web site to schedule our services or contact us for more information.

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