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Meet Boogey & Bernie – April 2013’s Pets of the Month

Congratulations to Boogey & Bernie, April’s Pets of the Month! Their owner Jessica will receive a $25 credit towards Pet Peeps services, and they will be crowned Pet of the Month for April across all our sites and social networks!

Boogey’s & Bernie’s mom says…

Boogey and Bernie are both mini-rex rabbits – all the way from Louisiana! This picture is deceiving, they are actually frenemies, even after spending 22 hours in the car when we moved here! Boogey is a sweet, laid-back little guy who loves attention from anyone and everyone, and Bernie is the most active and quickest critter I have ever seen! Although she’s a little high strung, she always manages to fall asleep in my lap on her back at least once a week! They say opposites attract, so maybe one day these guys will be good buddies!

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