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Cat Care In Preparation For Winter

Seasons change and humans make it a habit to prepare for the changing weather on instinct. However, most pets aren’t as adaptable to these changes without the assistance of their loving pet parent. Cats are a special bunch as preparing to protect them against the harsh temperatures depends on whether they’re an indoor or outdoor cat. Even though they have a coat of fur, this doesn’t mean that they’re fully equipped to take on the full force of Mother Nature during the colder season.

The best option is to always keep your cat indoors. It’s 100% safer as they are kept warm in a familiar environment. Take a look at some other steps you can take to protect them from the winter months:

  • Discomfort during the colder season is still likely to happen even when they’re indoors. This is especially true for cats with arthritic issues. Speak to your vet to talk about supplements that can be added to their diet to help them manage the pain and get relief. Getting a heated bed (that’s approved by your vet) can also be a source of needed comfort for senior cats or those with chronic pain.
  • Joint issues arise during this season as it can be more challenging to maintain your pet’s proper weight. Having an overweight cat means additional pressure is overloading the joints and can lead to even more discomfort. Make sure to regulate their diet and to keep them active as much as you can.
  • The health of your cat’s coat and skin should be monitored during winter. As with human skin that dries out during colder temperatures, the same condition also affects cats. Avoid this dilemma by adding some humidity to your home and prevent flaky, dry skin from developing. There are also some care products that will help maintain your cat’s coat, such as specialized shampoos and conditioners. Another sure way to keep coat and skin healthy inside out is to make sure your cats have proper nutrition.

With the right amount of preparation, you’ll be well on your way to helping your feline friend enjoy their happiness and health throughout the colder season – and through the rest of the coming months ahead.

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