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Check Out the New Pet Technology

New pet gadgets offer plenty of ways to stay connected to your pet. Digital Trends recently covered several of these new toys.

Some of these new toys are more practical than others. The Sony Action Cam Pet Pack lets you take videos from your pet’s perspective, which is interesting from an artistic point of view but isn’t likely to be much help to your pet.

The Tagg is arguably more practical. This is a GPS enabled collar that lets you see where your pet is in real time. It’s a nice compliment to a microchip, which needs to be scanned.

The collar does more than track your pet, however. It also lets you designate “safe zones.” If your pet leaves the safe zone you’ll receive a text alert, letting you round up your pet and bring him back home.

If you’re worried about your pet’s health and activity levels, try Fit Bark. This device tracks your pet’s activity levels. If you want to exercise with your pet, it will track yours, too.

The Pet Cube was interesting but not totally practical. It lets you play the “laser pointer” game with your cat from any computer or smartphone in the world. For one thing, your boss probably won’t appreciate your desire to play laser pointer with your cat at work. In addition, you won’t be able to play the game safely. Besides, a box is no substitute for human interaction. If you have to be away from your cat that long it would be better to have a pet sitter play with him–not a box!

All the same, it’s very interesting to see what kinds of technological advances are being developed for pets. Are you looking forward to new, cool pet inventions in the future?

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