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Circovirus Threatens Pets

There’s a new pet health threat out there which you should be aware of: Circovirus. Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM, wrote about the virus on the Pet Health Network.

Circovirus was originally found in pigs, but it appears to have spread to dogs as well. The disease can be fatal.

Symptoms include vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and lethargy. These symptoms can, of course, mimic other severe health problems. Don’t try to treat the symptoms at home: go see your vet right away.

Dr. Ward had some additional advice to share.

Experts urge caution and stress this isn’t a natural epidemic…Early treatment seems to improve survival chances. Ask about Circovirus, and if your veterinarian has observed cases with these clinical signs. If so, have them contact their state’s veterinary office at once. If you kennel your canine, have a frank conversation about any illnesses and what steps the facility takes to ensure safety and sterility. Pay particular attention to fecal wastes. Feces may be key to the transmission of this virus. This is yet another reason why immediately picking up your dog’s poop is a good idea.

Finally, while I don’t want to needlessly spread alarm, I encourage pet parents to monitor social media and veterinary news outlets for further updates. There’s going to be a lot of misinformation, sensationalism and false blame in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns or read somewhere that pickle juice cures Cincovirus please ask your vet before taking any action or sharing any questionable news.

Of course, Pet Peeps can offer one other Circovirus precaution: don’t kennel your pets! When you have to be away use our caring pet sitters instead. Get some peeps for your pets today!

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