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Warning: Contaminated Pet Treats May Be Threatening Your Pet’s Life

The Natural News Forensics Food Labs have found evidence that many brands of popular pet treats are contaminated with heavy metals. The labs tested 16 treat brands recently. The results were disturbing:

An astonishing 1.8 ppm of lead in Mundy Rawhide Gourmet Dog Treats…a startling 6 ppm of cadmium found in “Red Shrimp” reptile treats made by Zoo Med…a shocking level of mercury–over 0.5 ppm found in “Ocean Whitefish” cat treats made by Pure Bites…Over 1.5 ppm lead found in “Natural Rawhide Rings” dog treats from a company called Pet Safe.

Keep in mind that 0.5 ppm of mercury, for example, would be labeled “toxic waste” if someone dropped it all over the floor. Yet apparently there are people who think it’s totally okay so long as it’s buried in a pet treat.

We’d covered contaminated pet treats out of China in the past. Avoiding treats from China is still an excellent safety policy. But some of these manufacturers are right here in the United States.

You can view the view list of products and test results here. If you are using any of these products we recommend that you stop immediately.

Of course, this begs the question of how you’re going to go about providing a safe alternative to your pets. The Natural News Store might already have a solution for you. The store runs these tests independently, specifically to determine what they will and will not sell. They will only sell treats that pass their safety tests, and they will not accept money from any company to test their products. (They will run a re-test on a previously contaminated product on request, if the manufacturer can demonstrate that they have made some significant changes to their process).

Pet Peeps does not have any kind of relationship with the Natural News Store. We just felt that this was important information to share. We care about the safety and health of your pets just as much as you do.

Keep watching our blog. We’ll continue to offer information about dangerous pet foods and treats as we find it. After all, we’re not just your Washington, DC pet sitters. We’re your pet’s peeps!

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