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DC Apartment Comes with Communal Dog

It can be challenging to find time to care for a pet. It can also be challenging to find an apartment complex that accepts dogs.

One innovative apartment owner is offering a solution to one problem–or, at least, he’s trying. NBC reports:

Doug Crawford, the manager of 2M, a building set to open on August 1st at the corner of North Capitol and M streets, is making it possible for busy residents to have a pet without all of the work. His 10-month-old pup Emmy will serve as the communal dog.

In other words, he’ll feed and shelter Emmy and take care of her vet bills, but members of the community can visit her and play with her whenever they like.

Many of the people who were commenting on the story were very concerned about the impact this might have on Emmy’s mental health. This would probably depend a great deal on how Mr. Crawford actually manages the communal aspects of Emmy’s care. Some dogs are quite social, and they enjoy getting to know many people.

There’s just not enough information to say.

Even though pet ownership is time consuming, most people will probably opt to live somewhere that allows them to have a pet of their own. After all, there are plenty of ways to cope with pet ownership even while working long hours or maintaining a full social life.

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