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DC Set to Open Its First Cat Cafe

You can’t bring your own cat to Crumbs and Whiskers once it opens, but you will be able to hang out with the cats that live on site, and even choose one for adoption.

The cat cafe is scheduled to open this summer.

You’ll be able to eat pastries and drink coffee in addition to finding a purrfect lap partner, too. Owner Kanchan Singh will be launching a Kickstarter in January with the hopes of giving the kitty cafe its very best start.

All of the cats will be from the Washington Humane Society. Of course, the cat cafe will be more than an adoption outlet. It is expected to cater to young professionals who are just too busy to have pets of their own, even if they love cats.

Of course, busy or not, you do have some options if you happen to meet your forever friend while sipping on an latte this summer. Our Washington, DC pet sitting service was designed to serve the needs of busy urban pet owners.

We can make sure you’re new kitty gets fed if you’re going to work late. And he or she will be there to greet you on the nights when you don’t have to work late. It’s something to consider!

Pet Peeps will post a link when the Kickstarter goes up, just in case you want to help this unique project. The cat cafe is just another great concept which proves that DC is one of the nation’s most pet-friendly places!

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