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DC Temperatures Climbing

DC temperatures are soaring up to nearly 100 degrees right now. It’s so hot that DC officials even opted to open the spray parks early.

Cooling centers have also opened up all over the city because we’re in a state of heat emergency.

So we thought we’d take this moment to remind you that your pets feel the heat just as much as you do. Make sure you’re following standard safety precautions, like keeping your pets hydrated and keeping them supervised while they’re outdoors.

You might even fill up a kiddie pool for your dog to splash around in…it’s that hot! And remember, pets can get sunburn, too. Their fur does not protect them nearly as much as we humans tend to assume.

And while we’d like it to go without saying, we’d rather repeat ourselves than see a pet die. Remember that it takes less than five minutes for your car to become a big, metal death trap, especially in these temperatures. Please don’t leave your pets in the car. Not even with the windows cracked. Not even “only for a minute.” The results could be tragic.

If you see someone else doing it, please call the Washington Humane Society at 202-576-6664 or 202-723-5730. They’ll come to the rescue. You could save a life!

If you need additional help keeping your pets cool and safe this summer, call us. As your Washington, DC pet sitters we’re standing by, ready to make sure that all of our furry friends are comfortable and safe this summer.

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