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Welcome to DC, One of the Most Dog-Friendly Areas in the Nation

PupInBasketWashington DC is #5 on NerdWallet.com’s list of the nation’s most dog-friendly cities. The story made The Washington Times.

And it’s true! We do have a great city for dogs. Many attractions, restaurants, and hotels are more than open to having our furry friends inside of their establishments. Some even take the time to run special events.

The Hotel Helix holds one especially cool event. You and your dog can go enjoy high tea together on Wednesdays from 5 to 8 pm.

When you go, a portion of your meal check will go straight to the Washington Humane Society.

Check out the article for even more great things to do with your dog in DC. There’s something for everyone.

In the meantime, it might be worth thinking about how you can help make our city even more canine friendly. May is a great time to do this!

Why May? First, May is Go Fetch! Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month. Most animal shelters struggle to provide our furry friends with enough food. Food is, in fact, probably the biggest expense that most shelters face.

You can help by dropping off a bag of wet or dry pet food at Rescuer’s Food Bank sponsored by the Washington Animal Rescue League. The food bank is located at 71 Ogelthorpe St. NW.

Of course, you can donate other months too. They don’t mind!

This week is also Be Kind to Animals Week. Did you know that the Humane Society has dedicated May 5 – 11th as Be Kind to Animals Week every year since 1915? It’s a long-standing tradition.

There are plenty of things you can do, from reporting any animal mistreatment that you witness from adopting a new forever friend. The Humane Society even suggests pampering your pets as one of the things you can do. It’s an as good as excuse as any for taking your dog out to any of the pet-friendly places mentioned in The Times.

Have some fun! Break up the routine a little! You’ll both enjoy it, and dog-friendly DC won’t mind.


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