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Dog Grooming: Important For Pet Health

Despite what pet salons might say, dog grooming is definitely a necessity and not just a luxury. There’s also a popular misconception that getting your canine companion properly groomed will make a sizeable dent in your wallet—trust us when we say it’s not as bad as it sounds! Keeping your dog clean and groomed isn’t just an aesthetic decision. It also keeps them feeling comfortable and makes it easier to pinpoint health problems before they can develop into something serious.

Here’s how something as simple as having a groomed coat can benefit your dog: mats in their hair can result in a lot of discomfort. Imagine if your own hair was stuck together or all in a bunch. The tight pull on their skin can be painful! Proper brushing and combing can prevent this from happening, but that’s not the only perk you get from regular grooming.

Aside from clearing mats, you’ll be able to see if your dog has any unusual lumps or injuries. Pesky ticks can be evicted from your dog’s coat as well. If you ever find any questionable bumps, don’t forget to raise this issue with your veterinarian! This might be the trigger that saves your pet’s life because you were able to detect an illness early on.

Keeping a shorthaired dog’s coat and skin in great shape is relatively easy and can be done with a weekly brush. But with other breeds, especially those that are double-coated, grooming can be quite complicated. Divide the coat into small and manageable sections and brush outwards, from their head to their tail. This can be messy during spring and fall as it’s shedding season, but think of the positive outcome: at least the fur you brush out won’t end up on your couch! You’re also helping out your dog keep cooler in the summer heat and allow them to have new fur once winter comes.

Here’s an extra tip that’ll benefit you and your pet: give your dog a warm tummy rub after every grooming session to thank him for his cooperation (and to ease your own stress, too!).

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