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Dog Park Etiquette Tips

If you think no one’s as excited as you are for summer fun, you might find a good contender in your pet dog! Spending the day at a dog park is a fantastic way to bond with your dog and even meet fellow pet parents. But just like regular parks, there are some rules that you and your pet need to follow. Here’s a quick list of dog park etiquette tips:

  1. Leave dog treats and human food at home.

Dogs can’t get enough of their treats! Take their fantastic sense of smell, multiply it with the dozens of other dogs visiting the park, and you’ve got a recipe for an impending disaster. Feeding your dog treats can make the others feel jealous. Handing out treats to other dogs wouldn’t be a good idea too since most other owners might not like that. Instead, bring a bowl and clean water so your furry friend doesn’t get dehydrated.

  1. Don’t bring your pet’s favorite toys.

Just like with your dog’s treats, it’s best to keep their toys at home. Pet toys can turn calm dogs into aggressive and possessive animals. A fight is much more likely to break out as well. Plus, you and your dog wouldn’t want to see their favorite toy get pulled apart!

  1. Bring a plastic bag.

Like everywhere else in the city, it’s your responsibility to clean up after your dog. While some dog parks have plastic bags that you can take, don’t assume that there’ll be any left when you visit. It never hurts to have an extra plastic bag!

  1. If you unleash your dog, don’t let him/her out of your sight.

Sometimes, distractions can’t be avoided. You might need to sit down for a few minutes or talk to another pet parent. It takes a split second for two dogs to get into a fight or run off so be sure you always know where your pet is.

  1. Know the difference between playing and fighting.

You know your pet best. If they don’t get along with larger dogs, make sure there’s a small-dogs area of the park where you can go. Not every bark or growl means that a fight’s about to break out, but you should know when to remove your dog once rough-housing begins to get too “rough”!

  1. If you have a puppy, wait until they have all the needed vaccinations before taking them to the dog park.

Puppies are full of so much energy that you might be tempted to bring them to the dog park to let it all loose. However, it’s best to wait until they have all the necessary vaccinations before you take them on a day out. Your pup’s health should be top priority!

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