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Doggie Dating Sites Take Off

Ever heard yourself saying the words, “love me, love my dog?”

Now you can say it right up front, especially if you’re back in the dating game.

Innovators have launched new online dating sites which cater to pet parents seeking pet parents. Just check out PetsDating.com or YouMustLoveDogs.com.

The sites don’t just match up lonely pet parents. They even suggest bringing dogs on first dates to check the couple’s “canine chemistry.”

CBS DC Reports:

“Dogs on first dates are amazing icebreakers,” said Kris Rotonda, who started up the site [YouMustLoveDogsDating.com] last year, that now has two million members. “You find out right off the bat how everyone in a relationship will fit in.”

Some people think that adding dogs to the dating game is going just a bit overboard. After all, dogs don’t always enjoy spouses or new dogs right away. It takes time and patience to get a dog to accept a new member of the “pack.” It would be a shame to pass on a good relationship just because the process isn’t instantaneous.

We think you should leave your dog at home. It may be enough just to know that the other member of the couple is a pet lover just like you are. We’re always available to pet sit while you’re out on your date, or even while you’re out on a romantic weekend.

Hey, you can always introduce your new beau or belle to your furry friend later–after you’re sure you want to keep this new human.

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