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Fire Safety Tips For Pet Parents

According to a data analysis by the National Fire Protection Association, around half a million pets are affected annually by house fires. What’s concerning is that nearly a thousand of those fires are accidentally started by the pets themselves. Awareness of fire safety tips and how pets can start home fires is crucial.

Putting preventative measures into place doesn’t have to hurt your budget. Simple alternatives such as stove knob covers and flameless candles can make your home infinitely safer and protect against accidental fires. Planning for these unforeseen emergencies and taking precautions are an important part of being a responsible pet parent.

Don’t Leave Pets Unattended Around Open Flames

Pets are curious by nature, and they tend to investigate candles, open fireplaces and working cooking appliances. Make sure that your pet is in sight around open flames and make sure to completely extinguish any flames before leaving your residence.

Keep Young Pets Away From Potential Dangers

Young pets, especially puppies, can be attracted to certain fire-starting hazards. Keep them secure in crates or behind baby gates when you’re not at home. Better yet, get a trusted Pet Peep to care for them!

Cover or Remove Stove Knobs

If removing stove knobs is not possible, protect your pets by placing covers on the knobs.  Based on studies from the NFPA, cook tops and stoves are the most common appliances that are involved in home fires started by pets.

Switch to Flameless Candles

This type of candle uses light bulbs instead of open flames, and it removes the risk of your pet toppling over a candle and starting a fire. Cats in particular are notorious for starting home fires when their tails knock over open candles.

If you have to be away for an extended period of time, and want to be thoroughly sure that your pets are safe from any accidents and well taken care of, book a Pet Peeps service that’s right for you. Learn more here.

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