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A “Forever Home” May Be an Unrealistic Expectation for Parrots

January is adopt-a-bird month. If you want to jump on board by bringing a bird into your home then Phoenix Landing is a good choice. It’s a Washington, DC parrot rescue agency who re-homes birds in need.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to be intimidated about trying to keep up with a parrot’s average lifespan. Some parents live to reach their 90s, which prevents some pet parrots from even trying.

However, Ann Brooks of Phoenix Landing feels that setting the “forever home” expectation is actually quite detrimental to these beautiful birds–the expectation is actively depriving these parrots of their “right now” homes.

Do we really think only one person can care for every long-lived bird? Of course not! If we take proper care of our birds, they are going to need a few good homes. This makes an indisputable case for why we must consider adoption a priority when it comes to parrots.

…Rarely does a bird have a “forever home.” This is such an unsuitable term for birds; it actually does them a great disservice. If instead we assume that our bird will need another family someday, we might actually plan for it; and we might do a better job of promoting behaviors to make the next home easier to find. At a minimum, I hope we will consider parrot adoption not only as compassionate, but also practical and necessary!

Phoenix Landing

Obviously you don’t want to take in a bird only to give it back in a year or so. But if you’ve got a decade or more to give to the right bird then you should really consider adopting.

And don’t let your busy schedule stop you, either! Pet Peeps will be there to help you care for your parrot when your crazy urban lifestyle takes over.

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