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Meet Franklin – November 2012’s Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Franklin, November’s Pet of the Month! Franklin’s owners Shaun and Kate will receive a $25 credit towards Pet Peeps services, and Frank will be crowned Pet of the Month for November across all our sites and social networks!

Franklin’s parents say…
Frank is a fantastic five month old corgi. He enjoys living in our Nation’s Capitol and loves to take walks along the DC Waterfront. Some of Frank’s favorite pastimes include chewing things he’s not supposed to, digging, eating, running after squirrels and being the life of the party. Frank may be new to the big city, after growing up in the mountainous regions of Virginia, but he has quickly adapted to the lights and sounds of the District. As an avid Philadelphia sports fan, Frank has found it difficult to fit in in the DC Sports scene, but he respects all fandom and knows that Eagles and Redskins fans alike can agree on hating Dallas.

Thank you to everyone who entered for November. It was a tough contest! Remember, if you didn’t win, you can re-enter your pet for future Pet of the Month cycles!

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