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Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

The Holiday gift shopping season officially kicks off today. As your Washington, DC pet sitters we wanted to take a moment to compose a holiday gift giving guide for the pet lovers in your life.

For Dog Lovers

If your pet-loving friend has a dog that’s particularly prone to shedding then the Dyson Groom Tool might be a great choice. It sucks up the dog’s hair while grooming is happening, which means less hair ends up on carpets, furniture, and clothes.

If the pet parent on your list wants to feed dogs out of something a bit classier than a bowl on the floor then he or she might love this Wine Barrel Dog Feeder.

Finally, pet lovers who take their dogs out on the road a lot might appreciate having a seat belt that’s been built especially for their pups. That’s what makes the Sleepypod Clickit Dog Harness such a great choice.

For Cat Lovers

First, we loved the FroliCat SWAY Magnetically Suspended Cat toy.

Then there’s the Solar Chaser, a solar powered cat toy. It’s a dangly rod and toy attached to a solar cell, which activates as soon as it’s exposed to the sun. The solar cell has suction cups so you can place it in different locations. It can move that toy a lot longer than a pet parent can!

Finally, there’s the “Meowlingual.” We’re not sure how well it works, but it’s a neat concept. It claims to be able to decipher what your cat is trying to tell you with her meows and other behaviors. It’s the closest you can get to actually talking to your cat.

Everyone here at Pet Peeps wishes you and your pets a Happy Holiday season. We hope these ideas have helped you make it a great one!

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