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Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Trying to come up with the perfect holiday gift for pet lovers can be tricky. Here are some new gift ideas that are sure to please your favorite pet parent:

1.) Awesome Animal Accessories

You’ve probably got your holiday sweaters all ready for gifting, but if you’re on the lookout for something different, then you’re definitely in luck.

For pets that love to hang out on the couch, getting pet pillows that also double as accent pillows is a great idea. These pillows are usually eco-friendly, resistant to tears and easily washable, which makes a world of difference especially with messy pets.

Fish owners are often not the usual recipient of pet parent gifts, so this will definitely be a surprise treat: a wall-mounted fish bowl. While many different sizes and styles are available, most are easy to clean and decorate. This dual-purpose gift serves as a wonderful new home for a friendly fish as well as a unique addition to their décor.

2.) The Gift Of Peace Of Mind

Even the most dedicated pet parent needs a break once in a while. However, just because they’re on holiday doesn’t mean that they stop thinking about or even worrying about their furbabies. Give the gift of peace of mind by scheduling a Pet Peeps service for them while they’re away. Their VIPs will receive professional and loving care from Peeps that love animals just as much as they do. Standard pet sitting includes feeding, freshening of water, treating (when appropriate), administration of simple medications and doting on the pet(s) of course!

3.) Boredom Busters

We can’t forget the ever so popular laser pointer that delights and frustrates cats of all ages, sizes and breeds. But when you want to go past the traditional gift of plastic chew toys, rubber mice and other toys, there is a wealth of available playthings perfect for pets.

Puzzle food bowls are always a popular choice because it turns the daily task of eating into something more mentally stimulating and fun. There are many different varieties, such as labyrinths and secret compartments that will definitely make mealtime more enjoyable.

4.) Shop For Safety

Does a friend have a dog that tends to stray? Gift them a GPS collar device that helps them keep track of their dog. Modern models have a feature that automatically sends a text message when a dog goes further away from a specific area so it’s very useful for wandering pups.

Furry and fuzzy friends can be prone to heating up, so having a cooling gel mat can offer relief and comfort that will leave pets chill and relaxed all day and night. Popular cooling gel mats are pressure-activated and it works as soon as a pet lies down on it. Those suffering from joint pain benefit from it even more as it also works as an ultra-comfy mat.

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