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How To Give Awesome Pet Baths

While the majority of pets do a pretty good job of keeping their selves clean, they occasionally need a bit of help from their pet parents. Dogs should be bathed around every three months, while cats usually only need a bath when they’re visibly grimy. Take a look at some tips on how to best bathe your pets:

A Good Brushing Makes All The Difference

Before starting the bath, make sure to brush your pets. Both dogs and cats have undercoats that should be brushed out, and the act helps to remove dead hair and grime before bathing. It also improves the overall state of your pet’s coat and skin, while stimulating blood circulation all at the same time.

Just like how not all pets are the same, pet brushes vary according to hair type a well. Look up the description of the brush you’re considering or ask for recommendations from groomers.

Pick Pet Shampoos

Human shampoos were made for human hair – and their acidity is much higher than what should be used on cats and dogs. Purchase a pet shampoo that matches the hair type of your pets to guarantee healthy coats. Don’t forget to completely rinse it off once done!

Shield Your Pet’s Ears, Eyes & Nose

Many shampoos may cause irritation if they come into contact with your pet’s eyes or get inside their ears or nose. If possible, you can just wash their face with a damp washcloth instead.

Avoid Overheating

A comfortable temperature to you can be too much for your pets. Since cats and dogs have a higher body temperature, they can easily feel overheated when they have to take a hot bath. Lukewarm water is best!

Thoroughly Dry Your Pet

Before blow drying, towel dry your pet to soak up as much water as possible. This is because bacteria grows in moisture and can lead to your pets getting sick. But since a lot of cats and dogs get anxious from the noise of a blow dryer, you can help to reduce it by beginning at their tail.

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