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Halloween is Doorbell Training Time!

Every season brings unique pet challenges. The fourth of July, for example, can bring lost dogs who are fearful of fireworks. Summer’s heat brings concerns about dehydration.

And Halloween? Halloween brings incessant barking, for some dogs, every time an eager trick-or-treater rings the doorbell.

You can go out of your mind…or you can decide that October is a great time to doorbell train your pup.

The two videos below will show you more. The first video shows you a method of dog training called “clicker training.” Clicker training is used a lot during the second video, so it’s important to watch this one first.

The second video will help show you how to train your dog to enter his kennel or to lay down on a mat instead of barking or racing to the door every time the doorbell rings.


It’s probably advisable to start all this training a few weeks before Halloween (now) and let Halloween night serve as your “acid test” to determine whether or not the training has truly taken hold.

Here’s hoping you have a peaceful Halloween!

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