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Halloween Safety For Pets

Halloween can be a treat, but it can also be a “tricky” time for pets and their parents. We want you to have a safe and happy holiday, so we wanted to remind you of a few details that you might want to take care of before the ghouls and goblins start arriving at your front door.

The Kennel is Kind.

Many pets just don’t enjoy dealing with strangers. Stress can actually impact your pet’s health. In addition, a frightened pet may just try to run right out the front door. It isn’t because your pet is trying to get away from you. Your pet is just seeking any outlet he can find to get away from the stress.

It’s kinder–and safer–to let your pest rest in his kennel, or in a closed off room by himself, until all of the Halloween festivities are done with.

It’s Microchip Time.

Accidents happen–even when we try to take precautions. This makes the Halloween season an ideal time to get your pet microchipped.

That way, you can have peace of mind even if your pet does get lose, since a microchip exponentially increases the chances that you and your pet will be reunited.

Candy Care

Candy is another big threat to your pets this Halloween. Chocolate is fatal to most pets–and many pets just can’t resist any tasty human treat.

Make sure you keep your candy in a safe, out-of-the-way place! You can always bake or buy some special pet treats if you want your pets to have some fun, too.

All of the pet sitters here at Pet Peeps wish you and yours a happy Halloween!

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