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Halloween Safety Tips For You & Your Pets

DC pet parents know that Halloween is one of the top holidays that everyone in the family looks forward to, whether they’re on two legs or four. It’s a fun family-friendly holiday, but remember that not all pets can handle the confusion and stress caused by the event. Many dogs can be upset when they see many strangers in unusual costumes, especially if they come to the front door without being invited in.

Here are some Halloween tips for pet owners that would definitely make a difference:

  1. Muffle the sound of strangers knocking on the front door by playing music, or letting the TV play at a reasonable volume.
  2. If needed, keep them secured in a safe room or let them stay in a crate that doesn’t have the front door in view.
  3. Young puppies and active dogs that like to chase people around can feel very excited when they see costumes that have pieces that dangle from their outfit, or props that have streaming types of material. Let children know that they should act like a tree and stand completely still if your dog starts nipping at the bits of their costume because as long as they keep moving, your dog will continue to be active and excited.
  4. If possible, keep your pets indoors during Halloween. There have been many reports of injured or stolen pets because of people who participate in bad pranks or other reasons. If you need to go to a party or bring your children trick or treating, then it’s the perfect time to have a Peep for your pet! Schedule your service in advance so you can have a sitter there.
  5. If your pet doesn’t like to dress up or use a costume, they’ll definitely let you know, and you should listen. If a full costume is out of the question, you can use a themed collar. The best option is to let them sit out of Halloween if they’d rather not join the festivities.



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