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Keeping Pets Safe for the 4th of July

The 4th of July can present pet parents with some unique challenges. More pets end up lost on this single holiday than at any other time of the year.

That means it’s important to think about taking some safety precautions, even as you’re planning your party or bbq.

Keep Pets Safely Indoors

Even habitual outdoor pets should usually be brought in well before the fireworks start. Place them somewhere safe, like a large, comfortable kennel in a cool room, or an air conditioned room with the windows closed.

Try to find ways to drown out the noise so you can reduce the symptoms of stress in your pet. A terrified pet will pant, quiver, hide, run, or try harder than ever to escape. They might start barking or yowling, which might be distressing for your guests, as well. Sometimes turning on the radio or even the television can help.

If you’re going to someone else’s house or to a public fireworks display, please leave your pets at home, indoors, safely away from any methods of egress. Pets are even more likely to bolt when they’re not in their natural environments.

Try the Thundershirt

We don’t have any affiliation with the Thundershirt company, but we were intrigued by their products. They create special “shirts” for dogs or cats that place a gentle pressure all over their bodies, making them feel cocooned and safe even when they’re faced with loud noises like thunder or fireworks.

Overall the Thundershirt receives very good reviews on places like Amazon.com. If you have a particularly skittish and determined pet it might be the difference between a dog or cat in a panic or a dog or cat who rides out the fourth of July with no particular incident.

Make Sure Pets are Microchipped

Sometimes accidents happen in spite of all of our best efforts. Pets are pretty canny creatures when they’re scared. They put all of their minds and instincts behind getting away from whatever is frightening them.

If this happens, you’ll have more peace of mind if you know that your pets are microchipped and protected. Make sure you have photographs and registration papers for them as well. All of these precautions can help you find your beloved pet if he or she gets lost. We don’t want to be grim–we just want you and your pets to stay together, where you all belong!

Have a happy and safe fourth of July!

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