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What You Should Know About Pets and Costumes

Lots of pet parents love to dress their pets up for Halloween. But just as human children need parents to pay attention to safety, so too must pet parents watch out for certain issues when planning to get their animals in on the Halloween fun. As professional pet sitters, we even enjoy the photos we see of some of our clients, all dolled up and ready for a spooky night on the town.

That’s why we wanted to just take a few moments to talk about what you should keep in mind as you costume your pets this year.

1. Fix the Fit

Make sure your pet’s costume is neither too strong nor too heavy. Your pet can’t tell you if a tight fit is bothering him, and the last thing you want to do is make it difficult for your dog or cat to breathe.

Heavier costumes can make pets overheat! Remember, most pets just aren’t used to wearing clothes. Heat exhaustion from a heavy costume can be just as dangerous as the heat exhaustion a pet might risk on a hot, sunny day!

2. Tie Up Loose Ends

Some costumes have trailing fabric parts, or ribbons, or lace dangling bits that are dangerous. You’ll want to snip them off…or find a different costume. These loose ends can get caught in furniture, and they can tangle your pet up in the costume itself. Some pets will try to eat trailing ribbons, which means their digestive tract could become dangerously obstructed.

3. Check Your Pets Mood

Some pets tolerate costumes very well, and even seem to enjoy them. Other pets grow frustrated and unhappy when you put them in one. If your pet gets stressed it’s best to just abandon the idea of costuming him. Costumes are more for us than for them anyway–they aren’t worth your furry friend’s unhappiness!

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