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March is Pet Poison Prevention Month

Pet poisoning is a very common problem. And there’s little wonder that it is. There is a long list of household items that can be incredibly dangerous to pets, from chocolates to aspirins to potted lily plants.

Since March is Pet Poison Prevention month we wanted to take a few minutes to share some poison prevention tips with you.

1. Pick up your food.

Since so many food substances are poisonous to pets it makes sense to keep them out of Fido’s reach. Don’t keep food out unless you’re cooking with it.

Clean up once dinner is done. And use a tightly lidded trash can to avoid tempting pets who have developed a taste for human food.

2. Watch your medicine.

Sometimes pets ingest human medicines after someone accidentally drops a pill on the floor. Make sure you’re vigilant about keeping all medicines either in the bottle or in your mouth.

If something does hit the ground, be sure to track it down and pick it up immediately. The candy coating on some pills can become a dangerous temptation for pets.

3. Treat fleas carefully.

Flea control can be tricky. That’s because there are a dizzying array of flea control products on the market, and not all of them are as safe as they look. Some pets are very sensitive to the pesticides in over-the-counter flea control products. Even “natural” flea control products can offer some dangers. For example, some products use pennyroyal, which is dangerous to most pets.

Make sure you are using the right product for the right pet. A dog flea shampoo could kill a cat, for example.

When in doubt, treat fleas with products that your vet prescribes, and avoid over-the-counter solutions altogether.

4. Choose houseplants wisely.

Many common houseplants are toxic to pets. Do your research before inviting any new plants into your home. If you keep pets outdoors you should extend this vigilance to your garden, as well.

5. Know who to call.

If something happens in spite of your best efforts you can call the Animal Poison Control Line at (888) 426-4435.

And don’t worry! As your dedicated Washington, D.C. pet sitters the staff at Pet Peeps are all very well aware of these safety rules, too. Together, we’ll work to keep your pets happy and safe!

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