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Our staff can assist with administering medications to your pet. We can also arrange in-home nail trimming for your cats and dogs. In case of emergency, we can transport your animal to your regular vet, or if they are not available, to the nearest Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

We are happy to offer customized services, so if you have specific needs not listed, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Does your pet have an appointment that you just can’t keep? Pet Peeps can provide transportation for your pets, too. When they need to go to the groomer, the vet, or anywhere else…no problem! Your pets got peeps!

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Dog taking medicine
Medical Fees Rates
Injected Medications $5
Sub Q Fluids $15
Waste Maintenance Varies
Oral Meds $2
Pets are our passion. Whether you are going out of town or working late, you can count on Pet Peeps to care for your pets!
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