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Meet The Shelter Pets!

The Ad Council, the Humane Society of the United States, and Maddie’s Fund recently launched a new project. They’ve begun releasing public service announcements which showcase the personalities of real dogs and cats that have been adopted from animal shelters and animal rescues.

All of these videos are a part of the “Shelter Pet Project.” This project launched in 2009. The idea is to help people understand and get to know shelter pets. Thus, they may be more willing to adopt them.

This project also helps combat myths about shelter pets, such as the common misperception that pets are in shelters because they are “bad” or “unsuitable” pets. You can read about some of the other myths here.

Here are a couple of the videos.

Maui the Cat:

Jules the Dog:

You can see more just like them here!

If you want to help out a little bit you can always share these videos on your blog or social media channel. The more people who see the videos the better they will perform. The Shelter Pet Project has already increased the adoption rate and decreased the euthanasia rate through other projects, so it is clear that they are doing some good.

Thinking about adopting a shelter pet? Great! We want to support you in that effort. That’s why anyone who adopts from City Pet Rescue can get a nice discount on our pet sitting services. The details will be in your adoption packet. It’s easy to help a shelter pet when you’ve got peeps like us on your side!

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