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National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

There is a lot of focus on pets in November. In addition to being “Adopt-a-Senior Pet” month it is also “Pet Cancer Awareness Month.”

According to the Veterinary Cancer Center, cancer accounts for nearly 50% of all disease-related pet deaths each year.

There are two ways you can protect your pets. The first way is to learn the warning signs of pet cancer. There are ten signs, and if you notice any of them it should prompt you to visit the vet’s office right away.

The second way is to be aware of pet carcinogens in your home. You might consider replacing them with less harmful options whenever possible.

For example, common toilet bowl cleaners pose a health risk to pets. You can alleviate this risk by cleaning your toilets with a vinegar and lemon solution instead. The vinegar cleaner could replace any ammonia products you have in your home, too.

You can find the full list of common pet carcinogens here. You’ll also find a full list of replacement products to choose from.

As Washington, DC pet sitters we’re committed to helping your pets live long and happy lives. Keep watching our blog for more information on how you can continue to protect your pet’s health.

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