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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

As Washington, DC pet sitters we know how hard it can be for any pet to get adopted. Senior pets do face some unique challenges, however, which is why Adopt a Senior Pet Month was born.

That’s why we wanted to take just a few moments to explain why a senior pet may actually be superior to the puppy or kitten you might have been contemplating.

Training? Taken care of.

For the most part, senior pets come fully trained. They know how to sit and how to stay. They know about leashes and litter boxes. If they need additional training to fit in at your house it’s pretty easy to do because they’re not filled with an overabundance of energy. They’re willing to work with you and aren’t so concerned with running off to go play.

Growth? Done.

We’ve all heard the stories of the tiny puppies who grew into ginormous beats. But if you take home a 25 pound senior dog he’s going to stay right around the 25 pound mark for most of your life. This lets you make plans without fear. For example you can get a pet-friendly apartment complex with a 25 pound weight limit on animals and know that you’re not going to have to move in a few years.

They shower you with love.

This is a great reason to adopt any pet, of course. Most adopted pets seem to sense that they have been rescued and they tend to shower their new people with love and affection as a result.

Why not contact City Dogs Rescue to let them know you’d be interested in taking home a senior pet this month? You won’t regret the decision. You’ll even get a discount on Pet Peeps pet sitting services. The details are going to be right in your adoption packet, so check it out!

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