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Organic Petfood Industry is Booming

The idea of serving up a diet of fresh, healthy, organic pet food seems to be catching on. A Detroit Free Press article recently talked about companies such as Freshpet, which create preservative-free pet food that requires refrigeration and is free of additives such as corn and soy.

The trend also comes on the heels of widespread pet food recalls, especially those that are coming out of China.

The 7-year-old company, founded by former Purina executives, is trying to establish a new category in an industry long dominated by kibbles and cans: fresh, preservative-free food that requires refrigeration. With sales exceeding $100 million, executives say they’re on their way.

“People are trying to eat healthier, less processed, simpler foods, and I think they are applying that logic when they’re making pet food decisions,” said Scott Morris, Freshpet’s president and cofounder.

Organic pet food, especially food that is primarily meat-based, may help pets combat obesity. But critics say that there have not been any conclusive studies that prove that organic pet foods have any benefits whatsoever.

In the end, of course, it all comes down to a matter of personal choice. Organic pet foods are a bit more expensive than traditional pet foods. On the other hand, they certainly don’t harm your pets, and getting involved with them may well give you some peace of mind, knowing that you’re giving your pets the best nutrition option available (to the best of your knowledge).

Here at Pet Peeps, of course, we’re happy to feed your pets whatever you like whenever you’re away!

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