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Peep Of The Year 2015: Michael Legg

Our Peep Of The Year 2015 Is…

It’s time to put your paws up and cheer for our (p)awesome Peep of the Year, Michael Legg! His passion for pets shows every time he drops by and takes care of our Very Important Pets. Michael was born and raised in Germany but is currently a resident of Ledroit Park, DC. Before joining Pet Peeps, he was a small business owner for 20 years. Now, he chooses to hang out with our furry and not-so-furry friends every single day and he says he couldn’t be happier. Your pals at Pet Peeps, our appreciative¬†pet parents and most importantly, our favorite VIPs, couldn’t be happier to have a Peep as awesome as you are! Congratulations, Michael!

Give A Round Of A-paws To Our Runner-Up Peeps!

This was definitely a close race — so close that we just can’t end our announcement without giving a well-deserved shoutout to our two fantastic runner ups who both tied for 2nd place: Dennis McNeil and Charlie Stewart! Our VIPs are wagging their tails in approval and we couldn’t be more proud.

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