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Pet Etiquette Tips For Spring In DC

DC pet parents love the arrival of spring – and it’s not hard to see why. With the warm weather, parks bustling with activity, and fellow pet owners out on the streets, spring is the perfect season for dog walking and training.

Since dog walkers mostly bring dogs to highly populated neighborhoods, canines need to be well behaved and socialized. This season can be a bit challenging though, since many pooches are faced with distractions left and right, such as fellow dogs, active humans and enticing smells. Here are a few urban pet etiquette tips that are sure to help when it’s time to walk your dog:

  • Find out if the establishment is pet-friendly.

Before you even step one foot out of your apartment or house, make sure the establishment you’re going to allows pets. There are many stores that don’t admit pets, so look up the place you’ll be dropping by to save you from having to tie your pet up outside the store to wait for you.

  • Use a leash please!

Using a leash protects your dog and all the people and pets around you. Since DC can get pretty crowded, the leash allows you more control over your pooch.

  • Check your neighborhood’s license laws.

Many DC neighborhoods require pet owners to license each dog. Doing this is important for your peace of mind and for the safety of your dog.

  • Train or re-train your dog to follow the 4 core commands.

You don’t need to take complicated training classes to get your dog ready for spring walks. The four basic commands, “Come,” “Sit-Stay,” “Leave it” and “Heel,” should always bring out an instant response from your dog.

  • Don’t forget to scoop it up!

No one likes the pet owner who leaves dog waste on the sidewalk (or anywhere else!) so remember to scoop when you need to. It’s the polite thing to do, after all.

If you can’t get home on time to walk your dog due to a conflict in your schedule, there’s not need to worry. Pet Peeps is only a call or a few clicks away! Our expert Peeps will provide the care and service you and your pets deserve.

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