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Does Your Pet Need Supplements?

Pet vitamin and mineral supplements are current craze. But are they a good idea for your pet?

Obviously, your pets need the right mix of vitamins and minerals just like you do. However, most pet foods are already fortified to give your furry friends all the nutrients they need.

It’s probably not a good idea to try to self-diagnose your pet as being vitamin deficient. You could do them some serious long term harm–or even cause them to suffer from an overdose. Remember, a Google search can’t replace several years of veterinary training!

The only time you should add a supplement to a pet’s diet is under the direct supervision of your vet. The vet will usually prescribe the supplement to address specific conditions which he or she has diagnosed.

Supplements are medicines and should be treated as such, which also means using vet-recommended doses.

Don’t let slick marketing campaigns convince you otherwise!

It’s also incredibly important for you to only administer supplements that have been specially formulated for pets. A human vitamin is no substitute for a pet vitamin. Remember, our anatomy is very different from a dog’s or a cat’s anatomy, and a human vitamin could be as good as poison to your beloved furry friend.

Once your vet has suggested a vitamin regimen it’s important for those supplements to be administered on time each day. But sometimes life can get in the way! That’s why administering vet-approved medications is one of the services offered by our home pet care team.

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