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Pet Peeps’ Gus Is A Certified Pet Tech Instructor!

Here’s another reason why Pet Peeps should be your first choice for expert pet care services in DC! Our top dog, Gus, has recently completed a Pet Tech Instructor course and is now a certified instructor ready to train pet parents and others in first aid and care. Now pet parents can be even more at ease knowing that their loved ones are entrusted to someone who knows how to respond in the case of a sudden medical emergency, and is capable of teaching others to be ready to handle similar incidents as well.

Why is it important to be Pet CPR & First Aid trained?     

Preventable accidents are said to be the leading cause of death among pre-senior pets, so being an expert at pet health is an absolute must. Did you also know that around 25% more pets could be saved if pet first aid techniques are applied before bringing them to the vet?

Being trained in Pet CPR & First Aid can mean the difference between a quick recovery or a drawn out recuperation period, easy home care and costly vet visits, temporary and permanent injuries or disabilities, and even life and death. With this certification from Pet Tech, our pet parents should have the peace of mind knowing that their furry (and not so furry) friends are in expert and able hands.

What is Pet Tech and what type of training did they provide?

Pet Tech is officially the first international training center that provides comprehensive instructor programs for CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats. While there may be other pet first aid programs, very few are as thorough and valuable as the one offered by Pet Tech. The Instructor Training we received is a complete and interactive program that is taken over three days. Instructors are taught the required skills and teaching methods that they need in order to train owners and staff in pet first aid and care. After taking the course, instructors are skilled enough to identify and evaluate the many signs and symptoms that pets develop, as well as the correct actions when emergency medical treatment is needed.


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