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Pet Photography Tips For Pet Parents!

Pets take a lot of space in their owner’s hearts and, of course, in their owner’s camera storage! They are perfect subjects to shoot but most pets play around and don’t recognize any commands to sit still.

It can be a huge challenge in capturing the best photo of your pet; so, here are four beginner photography tips:

1. Choose eye-level shots

If you have a small pet, you may have to kneel, sit, lie down on your stomach or even your back to adjust to their eye-level. This perspective captures them best as it will feel more like a portrait of your pet. Looking down on a subject such as your pet will make them appear smaller and they may feel uncomfortable with it.

2. Focus on the eyes

Eyes give meaning to a photo; it adds personality and depth to the shot. You should check your camera if you have a mode called ‘single point autofocus’. It’s the easiest way to get your pet’s eyes in focus. It allows the photographer to move the focus wherever they want to focus on, which in this case is your pet’s eyes.

3. Fast shutter speed

If you have a hyperactive pet, most of your photos must be blurry because of how fast your pet is. To capture the best photo, you’ll need a fast shutter speed to match theirs. Use the highest shutter speed outdoors, and use a flash with a 1/250 shutter speed indoors. If you are unfamiliar with how the shutter speed is set, you can always use your camera’s sports mode to help freeze the action.

4. Don’t be afraid to use flash

If your pet isn’t startled by flash, use it by all means! It can help capture your pet in motion much better than shots that don’t use flash. The trick here is to not use it directly. You can use an external hot shoe flash and it should bounce off a surface. An alternative way is to get a diffuser as it will lessen the harshness of it. A bounced flash is still the best option, though. If, however, your pet is always easily startled by flash, avoid using it.

Always come prepared with treats and toys for your pets to enjoy while being photographed or after as a reward!

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